Take these 5 actions right now to conquer Smartphone addiction

I think you will agree with me when I say that most social networks have an ulterior purpose: induce addiction in their users. Smartphones, though enablers in many ways, are at the forefront of this assault, owing to the sheer fact that we always carry them with us. Have you noticed how many times do … Continue reading Take these 5 actions right now to conquer Smartphone addiction


The Art of Social Media

I will say this about Guy Kawasaki's 'The Art of Social Media': It is the best primer to get kicking on social media. Somehow, I never came around to reading any of Guy Kawasaki's previous books. For the uninitiated (if there are any), Guy is a leading authority on social media, a pioneer of blogging … Continue reading The Art of Social Media

The Dragonfly Effect

Given the mind-numbing pace of media proliferation, reaching the target audience and the end-user is a bigger challenge than ever. The task has become especially daunting for small-and-mid sized business which can't spend a fortune on advertising and of course, not-for-profit organizations which can't afford to drown in the sea of multiplicity on TV. Considering … Continue reading The Dragonfly Effect