Book Review | Crushing it!

Crushing it book review

We live in incredible times when the whole rubric of traditional 9-to-6 jobs is eroding. People don't want to remain stuck in their cubicles for the rest of their lives. Social media has given people an escape hatch. You can amplify your hobbies and avocations, build a personal brand and earn a handsome income, too. … Continue reading Book Review | Crushing it!

Book Review | The Rise and Fall of Nations

The rise and fall of nations - Book Review

Ruchir Sharma in his debut book 'Breakout Nations' examined the emerging economies and their scrambling pursuit to break out into the big league. In his latest book 'The Rise and Fall of Nations', he draws the distinction between countries with good economic prospects and ugly ducklings of the world. Early on in the book, he … Continue reading Book Review | The Rise and Fall of Nations

Book Review | Stein on Writing

Stein on Writing book review

Stein on Writing has got to be one of the best how-to books available on boosting writing skills A man of formidable reputation, Sol Stein went into the publishing business in 1953. Over the years, he edited the works of such marquee authors as James Baldwin, Elia Kazan, George Orwell and many more. He also … Continue reading Book Review | Stein on Writing

Book Review | Pitch Anything

Pitch Anything book review

Book review of Oren Klaff's Pitch Anything. The task of deciphering a sales pitch, Klaff says, lies squarely with the croc brain, not with the analytical brain as many tend to think. You must first convince the croc brain of the merits of your pitch in order to fetch a substantial result.

Book Review | Man’s Search for Meaning

Man's Search for Meaning book review BookJelly

Read this book. Count your blessings. Stop cribbing. People have suffered far worse Viktor Frankl's 'Man's Search for Meaning' is a book of epic proportions and that's no hyperbole. The library of Congress back in the '90s listed 'Man's Search for Meaning' as one of the ten most influential books in America and quite deservedly … Continue reading Book Review | Man’s Search for Meaning

Book Review | Life 3.0: Being human in the age of Artificial Intelligence

The most important conversation of our time involves Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what we do with this marvellous technology. Max Tegmark's new book "Life 3.0: Being human in the age of Artificial Intelligence" squarely addresses what needs to be done and how.