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Scientific research says that we don’t generally remember more than 18% of what we have read in the immediate aftermath. Fast forward a month, and we can barely recall 2% of what we had read.

Unless you have read a book, again and again, you will struggle to remember the most salient parts let alone the whole book.

One of my favorite books is ‘Leading the Revolution’ by Gary Hamel. I remember when I read the book back in 2003, I felt so awe-inspired. Today, all I can remember is a few ideas.

A few years back, I read Nassim Nicolas Taleb’s ‘Antifragile‘, a book that I figuratively devoured. I took my time to read it; I reflected each and every assertion that appealed to me.

Today, I only remember a few dominant phrases – via negativa, skin in the game – and some definitions.

Our brain has only so much storage space and it wipes out the memories we don’t call on often. That’s the simple science behind our forgetful agency.

Rereading, thus, is the only exception to this rule. The saints and the clerics, who recite religious texts often know them by heart and that happens because of months and years of practice.

I like to collect vibrant quotes and adages from the books I am reading. I call them pearls of wisdom. Social media loves these awe-inspiring statements and insightful remarks, especially, when they come in the shape of rich images.

I curate the strongest and the most forceful remarks from the books and put them in the shape of pictures for easier recall and sharing.

Unlike numerous websites showcasing the same centuries-old, well-publicized quotes, I constantly update this section by picking from the latest books. Lastly, I hope that you would enrich your lives by reflecting on each pearl and inculcating them into your routine.

P.s.: – By no means, should these takeaways be considered an alternative to the books. I recommend that you read the respective books to maximize your knowledge.

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