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Pearls of Wisdom | Monday Morning Motivation

Most people have to lug themselves out of bed on Monday? The start of the week is like the dawn of the apocalypse for them. Dreary faces with grimace writ large haul themselves down the office aisles as if they have been robbed by a bunch of kids wearing stockings.

It’s not a coincidence that Monday morning motivation or Monday motivation trend on twitter every Monday. Thousands of people post quotes and hundreds of thousands read them, get that momentary thrust and then forget them.

It is true that motivation doesn’t last long unless its source is intrinsic. Motivational quotes – be it from Mohd Ali or Bruce Lee – work only if your mission is clear to you.

A compelling quote can inspire you to set higher benchmarks, it can rekindle your focus on your goals. But you got to have something going on the inside. Without the underlying flame, motivation is short-lived.

I hope you find your life task if you haven’t found it already. The following pearls of wisdom from some of the brightest brains might help if you’re on the way:

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