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Muhammad Ali Quotes for Monday Motivation

Muhammad Ali Quotes for Monday Motivation

My most heartrending memory of Muhammad Ali comes from the opening ceremony of 1996 Atlanta Olympics. There he was on the podium with the Olympic torch in his hands. He had a slow gait. His hands were literally shaking as he lit the flame.

Until that day, I had only heard about how great a boxer he was from my friends and older cousins. I remember asking my dad what was wrong with him. He explained in no certain terms that Ali had some kind of brain disease.

Years later as I learnt more about him, my perception of him transformed from a boxer to a hero.

Ali’s fights were not limited to the boxing ring. He fought against racism all his life. He fought against the dreadful Parkinson’s disease which afflicted him for 30 long years. When Ali passed away in June 2016, he left behind an unparalleled legacy of undying spirit.

Below is a small collection of some of his quotes. These pearls of wisdom encapsulate his indefatigable attitude towards life and his never-say-die attitude.

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