11 Awesome Technology Books That Will Give You A New Perspective

Featured11 Awesome Technology Books that will give you a new perspective

Whether you are thinking about launching a new company, looking for insights into future trends for new products and services, or are simply curious about the way Silicon Valley works and how the world’s top tech companies bring innovative products to market, there is a book for you. The 11 books below represent some of the most important tech books ever written.

Google Images Issue Has A Simple Solution

Yes, there is a hack and it is as simple as it can be.  See, I am no techie. I just stumbled upon this. I am sure as I write this piece, a lot of people have already found it and articles are being written about it. 


9 Movies about best and worst of AI

9 movies that depict AI takeover

From Metropolis' Maria to Her's Samantha, AI in movies has come a long way. In this blog, I am going to list down 9 movies about AI that have either confirmed our worst fears about superior intelligence or have painted best-case scenarios where both AI and humanity could co-exist.

10 Key Lessons from Bhagavad Gita

When I was growing up, my dad used to tell me stories from ancient Indian texts. Mostly, these stories had moral lessons to be learned. There were stories which underlined the consequences of greed and jealousy. There were stories about our fixation with material comforts; stories about the impermanence of humans.

My 2018 Book List and Meta-learning

Every first week of the year, I hunker down to get a handle on what's going to be up on my bookshelf for the rest of the year. So after having sifted through my Amazon Wishlist one time, too many, I have zeroed in on a list of 27 books.

The Industries of the Future – Quotes

Best quotes from Alec Ross’ ‘The Industries of the Future’