The 80/20 Principle

Ginger Rogers - the Academy award winning actress - had once famously quipped – “Stand for something or you will fall for anything.” Despite the fact that Ginger’s context was entirely different from Pareto’s, I could always relate the two. I was introduced to the concept of Pareto’s 80/20 Law in my B-School. I found … Continue reading The 80/20 Principle


The Art of Social Media

I will say this about Guy Kawasaki's 'The Art of Social Media': It is the best primer to get kicking on social media. Somehow, I never came around to reading any of Guy Kawasaki's previous books. For the uninitiated (if there are any), Guy is a leading authority on social media, a pioneer of blogging … Continue reading The Art of Social Media

Storm the Norm

The paucity of good India-centric business literature is not only well documented, but also widely recognized. There aren't many notable authors to speak of. Most seem happy with the low-stakes fiction market. Amidst this dearth, Anisha Motwani's 'Storm the Norm' shines through like sunshine. It's a refreshing book that combines savvy and expert business reporting … Continue reading Storm the Norm


"By understanding just how today's newest hidden persuaders are conspiring to brandwash us, we as consumers can battle back. The purpose of this book is to educate and empower you to make smarter, sounder, more informed decisions about what we're buying and why." - Martin Lindstrom To read a marketer's telltale version of his own … Continue reading Brandwashed

A Never-Before World

Rama Bijapurkar is one of the leading experts on consumer behaviour and market strategy in India. A regular contributor to the national dailies and a visiting faculty at IIMs, Rama Bijapurkar continues on her quest to demystify the enigmatic Indian market with her new book 'A Never-Before World'. Her new book cuts through the labyrinth … Continue reading A Never-Before World


I don't read many marketing books these days. Unless they happen to be from one of my favorite authors, I wittingly avoid marketing literature. There was a time when the only books on my reading list used to be from marketing and related domains. That initial routine sharpened my b******t radar and over the time, … Continue reading Likeonomics