Book Review | Crushing it!

Crushing it book review

We live in incredible times when the whole rubric of traditional 9-to-6 jobs is eroding. People don't want to remain stuck in their cubicles for the rest of their lives. Social media has given people an escape hatch. You can amplify your hobbies and avocations, build a personal brand and earn a handsome income, too. … Continue reading Book Review | Crushing it!

Break the Rules

Break the rules

ately, I have been thinking a lot about rules and why we follow them. Like, why do we worry so much about following society’s rules? Who even imposed these rules on us? Why are they so freaking important? And then it hit me: Because we have been raised our whole lives to follow these rules. … Continue reading Break the Rules

Pearls of Wisdom | Robert Kiyosaki on Money

21 Powerful Robert Kiyosaki quotes on Entrepreneurship

If you even hold a cursory interest in the field of personal finance, there is no chance you wouldn't have heard of Robert Kiyosaki. His internationally bestselling book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" has sold over 32 million copies in over two decades since it was first published. The success of Rich Dad Poor Dad catapulted … Continue reading Pearls of Wisdom | Robert Kiyosaki on Money

Pearls of Wisdom | Man’s Search for Meaning

Man's search for meaning quotes viktor frankl

Few books in the past century have had a more lasting impact than Viktor Frankl's 'Man's Search for Meaning'. Here are some of the most galvanizing quotes from the book:   ©2018 BookJelly. All rights reserved

Muhammad Ali Quotes for Monday Motivation

Muhammad Ali Monday Motivation Quotes

Muhammad Ali Quotes for Monday Motivation My most heartrending memory of Muhammad Ali comes from the opening ceremony of 1996 Atlanta Olympics. There he was on the podium with the Olympic torch in his hands. He had a slow gait. His hands were literally shaking as he lit the flame. Until that day, I had … Continue reading Muhammad Ali Quotes for Monday Motivation

Monday Morning Musings – 2

Monday Morning Musings - II

10 actionable thoughts for a Monday morning