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10 Netflix Documentaries That Will Change Your Life & Mindset

Are you looking for thought-provoking documentaries that will leave you inspired and motivated to change your life? Look no further than Netflix.

With an extensive library of documentaries on a variety of topics, Netflix offers a wealth of content that can challenge your beliefs, shift your perspective, and inspire positive change.

In this post, I have compiled a list of 10 must-watch such documentaries. From exploring the impact of our food choices to exposing the hidden costs of the fashion industry, these documentaries will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the world around you.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired by this list of 10 Netflix documentaries:

1. The Game Changers

Get ready to have your world rocked with The Game Changers. This documentary challenges the traditional view of meat as a necessary part of a healthy diet. It presents a compelling argument for plant-based eating.

What sets The Game Changers apart from other documentaries on nutrition is its stunning visuals and inspiring stories. It takes viewers on a journey around the world to explore different cultures and their approach to plant-based eating.

No matter who you are – a top athlete or an office-goer – this documentary has the power to deeply resonate with you.

2. My Octopus Teacher

My Octopus Teacher is a mesmerizing and heartwarming documentary that follows a filmmaker’s unusual friendship with an octopus.

With stunning underwater footage and a touching narrative, this film will make you see the beauty and intelligence of these creatures in a whole new light.

The documentary has won numerous awards and has been widely praised for its emotional depth. It’s a must-watch for nature lovers and anyone who wants to be inspired by the wonders of the natural world.

My Octopus Teacher - 10 Netflix documentaries that will change your life and mindset
Image source: NBC News

3. The Mind, Explained

The Mind, Explained is 2019 docuseries that takes you on a fascinating journey through the inner workings of the human brain.

This show makes complex topics like memory, dreams, and anxiety easy to understand and captivating to watch.

Whether you’re a neuroscience enthusiast or just curious about how your mind works, The Mind Explained is a must-see.

4. Dirty Money

Dirty Money is a hard-hitting Netflix series that exposes some of the most scandalous corporate crimes in recent history.

With jaw-dropping interviews and compelling visuals, this show offers a sobering look at the dark side of capitalism. You will be amazed to witness the lengths some will go to make a profit.

If you’re looking for a thought-provoking and eye-opening series, Dirty Money is a must-watch.

5. Expedition Happiness

Expedition Happiness is a heartwarming documentary that follows a couple and their dog as they travel across North and Central America in a refurbished school bus.

With breathtaking scenery and infectious positivity, this film inspires you to chase your dreams and live life to the fullest.

Whether you’re a travel junkie or just looking for a feel-good movie, this one is a must-see.

6. The Social Dilemma

One of the most thrilling and talked about documentaries, The Social Dilemma makes for a must-watch viewing. It explores the dark side of social media and its impact on our lives.

Expert insights from former tech insiders and powerful dramatizations will make you think twice about the way you use social media and the data that’s being collected about you.

If you’re looking for a thought-provoking and eye-opening documentary, you should not miss The Social Dilemma.

7. Rotten – The Food you Love comes at a price

Rotten is a gripping Netflix series that exposes the hidden costs and controversies behind some of our favorite foods.

From the exploitation of migrant workers to the environmental impact of industrial farming, this show will make you think twice about what you put on your plate.

If you are passionate about the food you consume and the planet you inhabit, “Rotten” is a documentary series that you absolutely cannot miss.

8. Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things

A powerful documentary that challenges the notion that more is always better, Minimalism underlines the futility of our tendency to accumulate things

Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things

The documentary centers around the minimalist duo – Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn and captures their interactions with TV hosts and common people as they promote their book and philosophy of minimalism.

Whether you’re a minimalist at heart or just looking to declutter your life, Minimalism is a must-watch.

9. The True Cost

The True Cost is an eye-opening documentary that delves into the hidden costs of fast fashion. It exposes the environmental and social impact of our addiction to cheap clothing.

Regardless of your level of interest in the fashion world, this is a must-watch for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of the hidden costs of clothing consumption.

10. Cooked

This four-part informative docu-series examines how cooking has shaped human culture and evolution. It takes viewers on a fascinating exploration of food and its cultural significance.

Each episode of Cooked focuses on a specific cooking technique or cultural tradition, ranging from barbeque to bread-making to the culinary traditions of indigenous peoples.

Overall, it is a truly engaging and educational series that will leave viewers with a newfound appreciation for the power of food and its ability to connect us all.

Finally, these 10 Netflix documentaries have the power to change your perspective, inspire you to take action, and open your eyes to new possibilities.

From the environment to sports, food, and human connection, these films cover a diverse range of topics that are sure to leave you with a deeper understanding of the world we live in.

So why not take some time to watch one of these documentaries today and see how it can change your life and mindset? You never know, it may just be the catalyst for a new chapter in your life.

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