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7 things most Smart people do every day

7 things most Smart people do every dayI am not talking about what IQ smart or erudite people do on daily basis.

I am talking about the things that emotionally and mentally stable people do every day that you should be doing, too.

Being smart isn’t entirely about books, grades, and academic knowledge. Most of the time, a person is considered smart for the financial acumen and emotional intelligence he/she possesses and exhibits in regular life.

Stop focusing on your IQ or on how many books you’ve read, and start focusing on making conscious decisions that come from the wisdom you have acquired over the years, and start acting smart about everything in your life.

7 things most smart people every day that you should start doing, too

Before we start, keep in mind these are mostly habits you can start to incorporate into your life. These are, in no way, a “key” to success, but a way to improve your life by being emotionally, mentally and financially smart.

#1: They are in control of their emotions, always

One thing that characterizes smart people is that they are (for the most part) in control of their feelings and emotions.

This doesn’t mean they can’t feel, they do, they are humans, but they don’t let their emotions control them.

This is a very important trail to copy. Recognizing what we feel but being intelligent enough to know how to act on our feelings instead of letting them control our lives and our days, it’s a smart choice to do.

#2: They follow a schedule

Smart people know time is gold, and wasting it is a sin.

7 things most smart people do every dayThat’s why most (if not all) smart people have a schedule for the day, they rely on their agendas to properly manage their own time.

This means they know every day, all the time, what they have to do, what tasks they have to accomplish and what they have to do thereafter.

To put it simply: They are organized because they know how to take advantage of every moment.

Now, this doesn’t mean they are “busy” all the time. It means they schedule their day to have enough time to either work or study, and to have free time for themselves.

#3: They know how to take Feedback

A curious thing about smart people is that they are always working to improve themselves, every day.

And a huge part of that is taking feedback even if it sounds harsh and harnessing it into an opportunity to better themselves.

Smart people know how to separate useless criticism from actual feedback and work on themselves to change that one trail about them that can be improved. They know there’s always something to work on, and aren’t afraid to do so.

#4: They are extremely observant

Most smart people have one thing in common: They are always aware of their environment.

7 things most Smart people do every dayThey tend to pay attention to their surroundings and really observe everything and everyone before making a move or start interacting with others.

They always, always, pay attention to details.

This also goes along with the habit of thinking before acting.

Smart people always take everything into consideration before acting on anything, from their feelings to the situations they are in: They observe what’s going on, and then act as they consider accordingly.

#5: They are constantly trying to save up money

Let’s clarify something: This doesn’t mean smart people are misers and don’t spend their money on finer pleasures of life. It only means they are capable of making smart decisions when it comes to their money.

They will usually work towards a goal (like an awesome overseas vacation) and in order to get there, they would make small changes to cut up other discretionary expenses.

See, most of the times it’s just about knowing which corners to cut and which to keep.

If they have the slightest opportunity to save up, they will do it.

The idea is to be conscious about your money and how you are spending it, and what changes you can do to really save up more.

#6: They hate mediocrity

Smart people hate mediocrity.

Whether they are carrying out a simple task like painting a wall or engaged in something as crucial as making a business plan, they choose to do it well.

They aren’t content with the idea of being mediocre in any aspect of their lives and they show it: always striving for excellence in every part of life.

#7: They hate excuses and put in the work every day even when they least feel like it

This is the real McCoy.

Let’s say you want to stay fit, but have a family and a 9-to-6 day job to take care of. The done-to-death excuse: I don’t have time to go to the gym. Silly excuse.

Every time your brain convinces you to wriggle out of an uncomfortable situation, you have to put your foot down and do the exact opposite.

Actually, this is the litmus test. If you can pull off a task when you are feeling least gung-ho about it, you will accomplish most goals in your life.


As you can see, smart people try to take in their everyday life with an intelligent approach, always looking to make the best decisions and using their minds to evaluate their current situation and working to make it better.

7 things most Smart people do every day

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