Mental Calculations SELF Challenge – I

This is my first post in my mental calculations self-challenge. I wanted to document it here so that I have a sense of accountability and this had better be a challenge than a passing fancy. The fact is that if we set our mind to something we only get better. The problem is that in life, half the things we do we don't have any interest in -

9 Movies about best and worst of AI

9 movies that depict AI takeover

From Metropolis' Maria to Her's Samantha, AI in movies has come a long way. In this blog, I am going to list down 9 movies about AI that have either confirmed our worst fears about superior intelligence or have painted best-case scenarios where both AI and humanity could co-exist.

5 Exceptional Books I read in 2017

I have always believed that the hallmark of a good book lies in its power to pull you back into its pages from time to time. This year, too, I had the pleasure of indulging in a few stellar books. Of all the books I read, I have selected the five titles which totally held my imagination.

Book Review | The Wisdom of Finance

The Wisdom of Finance Book Review

Book review of Mihir Desai's 'The Wisdom of Finance'. In a long time, I have read a book about finance where the author talks about ‘great values’ in finance. Mihir Desai appears to be against the demonization of finance when the prevailing discourse out there is Wall Street Economy vs the real economy.

10 Writing Apps To Boost Productivity

Writing could be a boring and tedious task when you are devoid of ideas. It's a feeling akin to being stuck in a dark tunnel with no hint of light at either end. To counter these hurdles, I have selected 10 writing apps that could boost your productivity. I believe every writer must have these apps in order to thrive as they come up with new articles

Precognitive dreams, Muggings and Deadly diseases

I think you will agree with me when I say: Mathematics is hard. For every handful of geeks out there, there is a huge majority that totally abhors the subject. I mean, come on, who loves mathematics? Enters John Allen Paulos. He bears an uncanny resemblance with the axe-wielding psycho 'the Ripper' from Last Action Hero. … Continue reading Precognitive dreams, Muggings and Deadly diseases