The 80/20 Principle

Ginger Rogers - the Academy award winning actress - had once famously quipped – “Stand for something or you will fall for anything.” Despite the fact that Ginger’s context was entirely different from Pareto’s, I could always relate the two. I was introduced to the concept of Pareto’s 80/20 Law in my B-School. I found … Continue reading The 80/20 Principle

Zero to One

The origins of 'Zero to One' lay in a classroom course, Peter Thiel taught at Stanford university in 2012. Blake Masters, the co-author and one of Thiel's students at Stanford, went the extra mile and took extensive notes during the lectures which he subsequently published on his tech blog, too. 'Zero to One' is a … Continue reading Zero to One

The Game-Changer

My initial impression about 'The Game-Changer' was that of a corporate serenade by a top honcho to his employer. The first few chapters almost validated my hunch. The rest of the book dispelled my doubts nevertheless. Yes, A.G. Lafley, then CEO - P&G, is a co-author along with the formidable corporate consultant Dr. Ram Charan, … Continue reading The Game-Changer

What the Customer wants you to know

If you are just out of a Business school, the odds are high that you would be aware of the difference between 'Transactional selling' and 'Strategic selling'. The former is a traditional sales approach wherein the salesperson approaches a prospect, presents a demo of the product, extols its virtues, negotiates, gets the contract signed and … Continue reading What the Customer wants you to know

Judgment: How winning leaders make great calls?

When you have two of the best authorities on leadership joining forces to write a book, the result can only be phenomenal. Both Warren Bennis ( On becoming a leader: A Leadership Classic) and Noel Tichy (The Leadership Engine ) have dedicated their long, illustrious careers to teaching and explaining leadership. 'Judgment' is their first … Continue reading Judgment: How winning leaders make great calls?

Billion Dollar Lessons

Book review of Billion Dollar Lessons. A book by Paul B. Carroll and Chunka Mui. In a stark contrast to a chunk of strategy books, ''Billion Dollar Lessons'  has no highfalutin', incomprehensible strategy mumbo-jumbo.