11 Awesome Technology Books That Will Give You A New Perspective

Featured11 Awesome Technology Books that will give you a new perspective

Whether you are thinking about launching a new company, looking for insights into future trends for new products and services, or are simply curious about the way Silicon Valley works and how the world’s top tech companies bring innovative products to market, there is a book for you. The 11 books below represent some of the most important tech books ever written.


9 Movies about best and worst of AI

9 movies that depict AI takeover

From Metropolis' Maria to Her's Samantha, AI in movies has come a long way. In this blog, I am going to list down 9 movies about AI that have either confirmed our worst fears about superior intelligence or have painted best-case scenarios where both AI and humanity could co-exist.

The 10 Edgiest Innovations of 2017

The 10 Edgiest Innovations of 2017

The 10 edgiest innovations of 2017. Innovators around the world are continually coming up with new ideas that challenge the conventional wisdom and have the potential to disrupt the status quo.

Can Humans and Robots Coexist?


Can humans and robots coexist? A curt and emphatic answer is yes as long as the machines don't surpass human intelligence. In other words, AI evolution needs to be...

The Industries of the Future

Book review of Alec Ross' 'The Industries of the Future'

Book review of Alec Ross' 'The Industries of the Future'. The Industries of the Future' focuses attention on 5 fields which will drive the next 20 years of change to our economies and societies

AI has me both excited and scared

AI has me both excited and scared

Of late, one subject domain has really captured my imagination. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the massive disruption it’s going to bring to the world.