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Pearls of Wisdom | Robert Kiyosaki on Money

If you even hold a cursory interest in the field of personal finance, there is no chance you wouldn’t have heard of Robert Kiyosaki.

His internationally bestselling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” has sold over 32 million copies in over two decades since it was first published.

The success of Rich Dad Poor Dad catapulted Kiyosaki’s currency into the stratosphere. In his own words, he retired at the age of 47.

If you follow Kiyosaki’s Twitter handle, you’d know he advocates financial freedom like no one else. On daily basis, he shares priceless pearls of wisdom on Twitter.

I have curated some of his tweets on money, success, and entrepreneurship. Today, I am publishing his thoughts on getting wealthy (money) in the shape of Pinnable images, whereas success and entrepreneurship will follow next week. So without further ado, here’s Robert Kiyosaki on money:

17 lessons from Robert Kiyosaki on Money

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