Chaos Monkeys – Inside the Silicon Valley Money Machine

Book review of Chaos Monkeys - Inside the Silicon Valley Money Machine


Dream with your eyes open

Entrepreneurship is not a vocation but a mindset, a way of life. It's not easy to be an entrepreneur, especially when for every single successful venture, there are hundreds that sink without a trace. Even those that manage to stay afloat often fail to scale. Still, the world seems to be enamoured of these successful … Continue reading Dream with your eyes open

Crossing the Line

"It's not that I want to win; it's that I need to win." - Luis Suárez Let me admit that I am not a huge fan of autobiographies. I believe a good chunk of this literary genre brims with narrative fallacies. More often, it serves the sole purpose of heightening the author's sense of self-aggrandizement. … Continue reading Crossing the Line

Richer than God:Manchester City, Modern football & Growing up

I have not read many books on football, but after reading David Conn's 'Richer than God: Manchester City, Modern Football and Growing up', I feel that I may have read the best one already. The title of the book tersely encapsulates its wider contours: the ethereal, starry-eyed world of a young football fan, the moments … Continue reading Richer than God:Manchester City, Modern football & Growing up

Every mistake in the book

Stories of successful entrepreneurs abound in the literary universe. Stroll down the aisles of your neighbourhood bookstore and you would find plenty of literature lavishing exorbitant praises on certain wealthy individuals. A general lack of skeptical view often blinds people to the sweat, perseverance and a constant threat of failure that beset the world of … Continue reading Every mistake in the book