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Pearls of Wisdom | Sahil Lavingia – Founder & CEO, Gumroad

Sahil Lavingia is the founder and CEO of Gumroad – an online platform where creators sell their products directly to consumers.

He started Gumroad in 2011, exactly a year after he joined Pinterest as its 2nd hire. In March 2021, he created a record of sorts when he raised $5 million in one day on the crowdfunding platform Republic. A big chunk of the investor comprised content creators listed on Gumroad and total newbies who were investing for the first time.

Active on Twitter for his interesting and inspiring quotes, Sahil also has a book titled The Minimalist Entrepreneur on the way. Going by the depth and quality of his tweets, this should be an exciting book for entrepreneurs.

Here I am posting some of his most fantastic pearls of wisdom. But if you wish to check out more, you can follow my Pinterest page.

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