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Pearls of Wisdom | Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos doesn’t need any introduction. Unless you have been stuck in a hypersleep pod for the last two decades, there is no way you won’t have heard of him.

In addition to owning the internet behemoth Amazon.com, Bezos also runs a rocket company called Blue Origin.

I can hear you say – oh, rich man’s fantasies. But don’t dispel it just like that. This ain’t no fancy notion.

Bezos is not only hurling rockets into space but in times to come, he aims to provide spaceflight services to us mortals. Don’t get your hopes high though. If you are not a billionaire, then you are shit out of luck. The pecking order for space-tourism is going to be a long one.

In short, Bezos, as of today, is virtually the King of the Hill.

 His net worth stands at an astonishing $163 billion . If you are having difficulty putting that in perspective, I will help you. His money pile towers above that of both Bill Gates’ and Warren Buffett’s combined.

But let’s not take anything away from Bezos. He is an industry pioneer. A walking embodiment of hard work and smart execution.

May his following pearls of wisdom inspire you to get started with your dreams:

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