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In my opinion, Robert Greene’s Mastery deserves a place at the summit of the self-help literature mountain. It’s easy to compartmentalize Green’s book into self-help genre, however, those who have read it would vouch that it’s more than that.

Unlike loads of personal development literature out there, Mastery steers clear of fluff and high-falutin’ tripe. Greene doesn’t ask you to fill up worksheets. Instead, he presents a dozen insightful stories of masters – both ancient and contemporaneous – who learned and practiced their craft for years before exploding onto the scene.

The book teems with numerous words of wisdom and thought-provoking quotes. I am sharing some of the key quotes that caught my imagination and I am sure they would resonate with you, too.

If you find a particular quote blunt or in-the-face, I suggest you don’t be skeptical. Robert Greene is one of the rare authors who takes a dispassionate view of things. It’s something he practices and preaches.

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