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Instagram: The Social Credit System We Didn’t Ask For!

Remember when social media was about building connections and community? Yeah, me neither. Nowadays, it’s just a data-mining tool that feeds on our insecurities and needs for validation. And when it comes to inducing anxiety and insecurity, no platform does it quite like Instagram.

Instagram has increasingly turned into a social credit system, where your worth is measured by the number of likes, followers, and digital engagements you receive.

The pervasiveness of influencer culture and advertising has created a virtual world that can seem all-consuming. It’s like the Matrix, but instead of a dystopian future, you have influencers and ads.

And let’s not forget the toxicity that comes with it. I mean, who needs real-life connections when you can get followers and likes, right? The result is a never-ending cycle of validation-seeking and anxiety.

In the following sections, we’ll explore how Instagram has become the social credit score we never asked for…

Fitting In or Falling Behind?

Instagram is the new norm and if you’re not on it, you’re out of the loop. That’s what not having an Instagram account can feel like – a social faux pas of sorts.

The pressure to “fit in” with the influencers and keep up with your popular friends can be intense. This is especially true for those who do not have a large following or don’t get many likes on their posts.

How Instagram ruined the world. the social credit score we never asked for

Sometimes, the desire to maintain an online presence leads individuals to prioritize their digital persona over their real-life experiences.

It’s like the tail is wagging the dog, and reality has become nothing more than a prop to bolster our digital personas.

This pressure to showcase an idealized version of yourself induces feelings of inadequacy and stress as you strive for validation from your online peers.

The Illusion of Authenticity

Let’s talk about the unrealistic standards that Instagram has set for modern dating – from picture-perfect profiles to filter-heavy photos to carefully crafted captions. But what are the consequences of this polished facade?

It’s important to consider the toll that chasing after these unattainable standards can take on our self-esteem and relationships.

It’s like we’re all trying to keep up with the Kardashians, but without the millions of dollars and glam squad. Let’s be real, the average person’s life is not that exciting.

Instagram ruined the world

The incessant urge to post pictures and updates to show off your “manufactured” lifestyle can ruin the authenticity of your actual experiences.

It creates a vicious cycle where you’re constantly seeking external validation and approval from others. This can lead to feelings of incompetence and anxiety if they don’t get enough likes or followers.

The Endless Instagram Reels Scroll: A Masterclass in Procrastination

Who needs books, scientific research, or intellectual discussions when you have the infinite wisdom of Instagram Reels?

Your ability to analyze complex problems has been replaced by your expertise in creating short-form content. Your grasp of language and critical thinking skills have been replaced by the ability to craft a catchy caption.

And if you are not creating, but only watching, well, what a wonderful way to waste hours of your life!

Who needs productivity and accomplishment when you can watch strangers dancing to the same song for the hundredth time? Who needs to talk to your loved ones when the opportunity to watch a puppy chasing its tail presents itself?

The worst part is that the more you scroll, the less you realize how much time you’re wasting.

It’s amazing how technology has made it so easy for us to turn our brains to mush with just a few flicks of the thumb.

Sure, there are plenty of other aspects of society that degenerate brain cells, but social media takes the cake. It’s like a breeding ground for emotional echo chambers.

So, if you’re feeling disillusioned with the world of Instagram, take heart. You’re not alone.

As long as you exercise moderation and self-control when using platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, you can keep your intellectual capacities intact.

Alternatively, you can step back from the algorithm and start focusing on what really matters: genuine connections, real experiences, and a life beyond the screen.

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