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Quick Wisdom | Why a Social Media Break is Important

Taking a social media break is important. If you consume content on social media 24*7, there is a good chance that you are destroying your own internal creative processes.

Chances also are that sooner than later, you might suffer from a stubborn creative block. This could impinge on your writing and thinking abilities, pushing you into a burnout scenario. To avoid it, take a measured social media break – lasting anywhere between one week and one month – to recharge your batteries.

Jaron Lanier – the Silicon Valley tech pioneer – admonishes people to take a more extreme step and delete their social media accounts.

But let’s face it – it’s not feasible for everyone to just go off social media. What you can surely do, however, is delete those distracting social media apps from your phone and deploy that time to travel or engage in more human interaction.

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