Break the Rules

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ately, I have been thinking a lot about rules and why we follow them. Like, why do we worry so much about following society’s rules? Who even imposed these rules on us? Why are they so freaking important? And then it hit me: Because we have been raised our whole lives to follow these rules. … Continue reading Break the Rules

Book Review | Zero to One

Zero to One book review

The origins of 'Zero to One' lie a classroom course Peter Thiel taught at Stanford University in 2012. Blake Masters, the co-author and one of Thiel's students at Stanford, went the extra mile and took extensive notes during the lectures which he subsequently published on his tech blog, too. 'Zero to One' is a curated … Continue reading Book Review | Zero to One

Pearls of Wisdom | 21 Powerful Robert Kiyosaki quotes on Entrepreneurship

21 Powerful Robert Kiyosaki quotes on Entrepreneurship

You must have heard of the phrases Wantrepreneur and Fencesitter. Essentially, they are people afraid of taking the plunge. A fencesitter likes to sit on the fence and aspires to get into the game at some point. But he lacks the courage to take a leap of faith. Aspirations alone don't equal achievements. Without action … Continue reading Pearls of Wisdom | 21 Powerful Robert Kiyosaki quotes on Entrepreneurship

My 2018 Book List and Meta-learning

Every first week of the year, I hunker down to get a handle on what's going to be up on my bookshelf for the rest of the year. So after having sifted through my Amazon Wishlist one time, too many, I have zeroed in on a list of 27 books.

5 Exceptional Books I read in 2017

I have always believed that the hallmark of a good book lies in its power to pull you back into its pages from time to time. This year, too, I had the pleasure of indulging in a few stellar books. Of all the books I read, I have selected the five titles which totally held my imagination.

Monday Morning Musings – 2

Monday Morning Musings - II

10 actionable thoughts for a Monday morning