Chaos Monkeys – Inside the Silicon Valley Money Machine

Chaos Monkeys is not a book for purists. The narrative is riddled with F-bombs and obscenities fly with horrifying frequency. Martinez drops names and dresses them down with aplomb


Rock Bottom to Rock Star

A genuine fiesta for the mind How is 'Rock Bottom to Rock Star' different from heaps of startup literature out there in the market? First, it is not a typical how-to book on entrepreneurship, it goes well beyond that. Second, Ryan Blair is not your garden variety author. From being a gang member to running … Continue reading Rock Bottom to Rock Star

Zero to One

The origins of 'Zero to One' lay in a classroom course, Peter Thiel taught at Stanford university in 2012. Blake Masters, the co-author and one of Thiel's students at Stanford, went the extra mile and took extensive notes during the lectures which he subsequently published on his tech blog, too. 'Zero to One' is a … Continue reading Zero to One

Dream with your eyes open

Entrepreneurship is not a vocation but a mindset, a way of life. It's not easy to be an entrepreneur, especially when for every single successful venture, there are hundreds that sink without a trace. Even those that manage to stay afloat often fail to scale. Still, the world seems to be enamored of these successful … Continue reading Dream with your eyes open

Every mistake in the book

Stories of successful entrepreneurs abound in the literary universe. Stroll down the aisles of your neighbourhood bookstore and you would find plenty of literature lavishing exorbitant praises on certain wealthy individuals. A general lack of skeptical view often blinds people to the sweat, perseverance and a constant threat of failure that beset the world of … Continue reading Every mistake in the book

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

There aren't many Indian authors in the non-fiction space who can boast of breaking even on their books let alone striking it rich. Candidly, I have to rack my brains to recall one such name that has achieved this feat, of course with the exception of the author of 'Stay Foolish Stay Hungry'. Rashmi Bansal … Continue reading Stay Hungry Stay Foolish