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Read These 5 Books To Finish The Year On A High Note

This is a quick one. If you are looking to finish the year 2021 with a flourish, I have the following book recommendations for you:

1) The Daily Laws by Robert Greene

No other author has deciphered human nature as well as Robert Greene. His bestsellers ‘Mastery‘ and ’48 Laws of Power’ are a case in point. His new book encapsulates key lessons from all his previous books – a great primer for those who haven’t read any of Greene’s books. 

2) Courage is Calling by Ryan Holiday

Ryan is a modern-day Stoic who has been writing extensively about eastern and Stoic philosophies. All his books carry the same format – short, punchy chapters sprinkled with a lot of quotes. Courage is Calling is expected to be no different either. 

3) Red Roulette by Desmond Shum

A must-read if you do business in China or you are a keen observer of the Chinese system’s shenanigans. Shum – a survivor of the ruthless communist machinery – exposes the propaganda and purges in Xi Jinping’s China. 

4) Human Compatible: AI and the problem of Control by Stuart Russell

The book tries to address the contentious question: What will happen when we succeed in developing human-level AI? A great spiritual successor to Prof Max Tegmark’s bestseller Life 3.0.

5) The Minimalist Entrepreneur by Sahil Lavingia

If you follow Sahil on Twitter, there is no way you will ignore this book. A must-read for bootstrapped entrepreneurs.

Please let me know your thoughts on this short booklist in the comment box below. If you have suggestions of your own, please write them away.

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