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Pearls of Wisdom | 21 Powerful Robert Kiyosaki quotes on Entrepreneurship

You must have heard of the phrases Wantrepreneur and Fencesitter.

Essentially, they are people afraid of taking the plunge.

A fencesitter likes to sit on the fence and aspires to get into the game at some point. But he lacks the courage to take a leap of faith.

Aspirations alone don’t equal achievements. Without action and , aspirations count for nothing.

Robert Kiyosaki – the famed author, educator and investor shares many entrepreneurial insights on his Twitter handle. I have collected some of his best quotes which will put a proverbial rocket under you. At least, that’s the idea – to galvanize you into action.

This is my 3rd post on Robert Kiyosaki. You can also read his quotes on Success and Education and Money.

I hope the following lessons give you a deeper understanding of your motivations and can help you clarify future plans.

21 Powerful Quotes on Entrepreneurship that will inspire you to take action

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