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Pearls of Wisdom | Robert Kiyosaki on Success and Education

Last week I published a post on the famous bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki’s ideas on attaining a money mindset.

Wealth creation is not Kiyosaki’s only bailiwick. He speaks and writes a lot about success and education, too.

His scathing views of the school education repel many proponents who look at educational institutions as sources of innovation.

He sees schools as the perfect contraptions to trap students inside a box never allowing them to get out.

Growing up as the son of immigrant parents in Hawaii, Kiyosaki said he didn’t realize he was poor until he went to school.

Asking the teacher why they didn’t teach students about money in school, he was told that school was all about getting a good job.

My father was a smart man who had a Ph.D., yet he was poor. My whole family is full of PhDs and are all poor,” Kiyosaki said.

OK, enough yapping. Enjoy Robert Kiyosaki’s insightful and incisive quotes on success and education below:


21 thrilling quotes from Robert Kiyosaki on Success and Education

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