This is not the end of the book

Book review of 'This is not the end of the book'. Jean Phillippe de Tonnac, the famous French novelist, facilitates a freewheeling chat between two bibliophiles: Umberto Eco, the late Italian literary maestro and Jean-Claude Carrière, the legendary French writer and academy award honoree.


Numero Zero

Umberto Eco (1932-2016) passed away in February leaving behind an astounding intellectual legacy of unsurpassed depth. A towering figure in the world of literature, Eco arrived on the scene in the '80s with his debut, best-selling novel 'The Name of the Rose'. Over the next three decades, Eco wrote one seminal book after another, though … Continue reading Numero Zero

Inventing the Enemy

Jog your imagination a little and envisage a sumptuous Swedish winter smörgåsbord replete with mouthwatering choices: a fine assortment of cold and hot foods and desserts, of course. It's an exaggerated analogy, but Umberto Eco's 'Inventing the Enemy' gives you a similar experience. 'Inventing the Enemy' compiles a diverse selection of Umberto Eco's essays and … Continue reading Inventing the Enemy

Turning Back the Clock: Hot Wars & Media Populism

Books are different things to different people - just like the movies. On a philosophical level, a good book holds the ability to instill in its readers a sense of purpose and meaning. You won't need critics' judgment; a good book will have you buzzing in the afterglow. Umberto Eco's 'Turning Back the Clock' (2007, … Continue reading Turning Back the Clock: Hot Wars & Media Populism