Book Review | Dream with your eyes open

Book review of Ronnie Screwvala's 'Dream with your eyes open'. Ronnie's transparency and evenness win you over even as he discusses something so hackneyed as integrating innovation and disruption into an organization's DNA.

Book Review | A Never-Before World

A never before world

Rama Bijapurkar is one of the leading experts on consumer behaviour and market strategy in India. A regular contributor to the national dailies and a visiting faculty at IIMs, Rama Bijapurkar continues on her quest to demystify the enigmatic Indian market with her new book 'A Never Before World'. Her new book tries to demystify … Continue reading Book Review | A Never-Before World

Book Review | Breakout Nations

In the last one decade, many authors have highlighted the predicaments of emerging economies, but none so successfully as Ruchir Sharma has. Head of Investments in Emerging Markets for Morgan Stanley, Ruchir Sharma is an established name, courtesy his incisive op-Ed articles in The Economic Times. "Breakout Nations" is his travelogue interspersed with the cold … Continue reading Book Review | Breakout Nations

Book Review | We are like that only

We are like that only

'We are like that only' is an indispensable proposition for those who seek to decipher the Indian consumption riddle. Positioning Guru, Jack Trout in his bestseller 'Differentiate or Die' once called India a land of non-standard marketing. It is hardly a disputable proposition. India truly is unique in ways more than one. There is a … Continue reading Book Review | We are like that only