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Wake up early every morning and get s*** done

Nobody really likes waking up early in the morning. But, as much as we hate waking up early, the truth is, it’s important.

Not only because school and most of our works start up bright and early, but because if you do wake up early you actually get more time to be productive and tackle down your day.

And no, this isn’t some kind of scam to make you wake up early. Like I said, a majority dislikes it. But then I can’t hide the fact that the early risers enjoy an edge over their counterparts who like to sleep in. It does give your productivity a major fillip.

6 benefits of rising up early in the morning

To convince you of cutting up your sleep in the morning and get out of bed, I have made a little list about 6 benefits of rising up early every day.

Hopefully, when you’re done reading this, you won’t hate waking up early that much.

1. You get more time

6 benefits of rising up early

The biggest reason to get out of bed every morning is that precious extra time you always seem to need during the day. Nobody texts you or blows up your phone in the morning.

If you are a 5 AM person, you’d know that waking up early gives you at least two extra hours in your daily routine. This is the time you can use however you like, and considering how we always seem to be running out of time, this is a great plus.

Rising up early also means you get some “me” time to concentrate on yourself and your thoughts.

2. You can build Willpower through Meditation and Exercise

Research has shown that two things build up the brain’s willpower reserve: meditation and exercise.

Meditation improves focus, impulse control and self-awareness whereas exercise boosts your stress management system. And, what better time than early mornings to work on both.6 benefits of rising up early

3. You can actually have breakfast

It’s not uncommon to skip breakfast because we always seem to be running late somewhere these days. And no, ice coffee and a single bagel isn’t “Breakfast”

If you take the time to actually wake up at least one hour earlier than usual, you’ll have not only to do your breakfast but to actually sit down and enjoy it! How important is that?

4. You can work in a distraction-free environment

I get most of my writing and reading stuff done early in the morning. It’s the best time to indulge in all such cognitive tasks. You get to work in a completely quiet space, without any distractions to keep you away from what you need to do.

This seems like the simplest thing, but it is true. Working in complete calm, without people or noises distracting you can improve your concentration SO much, it’s crazy.

Gretchen Ruben, the bestselling author of “The Happiness Projectwrote in her blog, “I spend the hour from 6:00 to 7:00 working at my desk, and I love the light, and the quiet, and the sense of focus and freedom from interruptions that I have during that hour.

5. You are most productive in those early hours

Morning is the time when your will-power is at the highest.

The famous health psychologist Kelly McGonigal in her book “The Willpower Instinct” writes that willpower decreases over the course of the day, as your energy gets spent on stress and self-control.

No wonder most entrepreneurs and successful people are early risers.

6. You can get to places earlier

I can vouch for this one. Getting up early allows me to reach office on time without any hassles or rash driving.

If you live in a busy city, waking up early means you get to go out of your house sooner than usual, which translate to avoiding rush hour and traffic… And who doesn’t want that?

Forget about having to sit in traffic wasting precious time and get to wherever you have to be in time (and even earlier!). Trust me, even if you reach your destination earlier, you can take advantage of that particular time.

So, is it worth it to wake up early?

6 benefits of rising up early

The quick answer is: Yes. Waking up early is totally worth it because it actually improves your productivity and leads you to tackle down important goals faster than usual.

Of course, if you really want to achieve this, you DO have to make some effort initially. Step out of comfort zone, you know.

You can’t expect to wake up early if you keep going to bed so late. You need to have a proper sleeping schedule, or else you’ll just be tired when you wake up at sunrise.

Make sure you’re sleeping at least eight hours and that you aren’t staying up late and you’ll realize how much easier it is to wake up early. No, it isn’t particularly fun, but trust me, it’s totally worth it.

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