Book Review | Why I stopped wearing my Socks

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Entertaining and Inspiring Alok Kejriwal's debut book "Why I stopped wearing my socks" hits all the right notes. One of the early flagbearers of India's internet revolution, Alok chronicles his life story right from the time he started working under the tutelage of his maternal grandfather. I have read many autobiography type books where the … Continue reading Book Review | Why I stopped wearing my Socks

Book Review | Crushing it!

Crushing it book review

We live in incredible times when the whole rubric of traditional 9-to-6 jobs is eroding. People don't want to remain stuck in their cubicles for the rest of their lives. Social media has given people an escape hatch. You can amplify your hobbies and avocations, build a personal brand and earn a handsome income, too. … Continue reading Book Review | Crushing it!

Book Review | Chaos Monkeys

Chaos Monkeys

Book review of Chaos Monkeys - Inside the Silicon Valley Money Machine. Antonio Garcia Martinez rains on the Silicon Valley cheerleading parade in his blistering memoir 'Chaos Monkeys'. The haloed money-making apparatus of the Valley, apparently, has an obverse side. A side only insiders are privy to. Outsiders only gawk at what gets published in newspapers or reported on TV

Book Review | Rock Bottom to Rock Star

Book review of 'Rock Bottom to Rock Star'. From being a gang member to running a million-dollar business, Ryan Blair has a major turn-around story to tell. A story that is both motivating and awe-inspiring. Add to that his blunt, no-nonsense candour, and you have on your hands a book that leaves with you a lingering sense of inspiration.

Book Review | The Art of Social Media

I will say this about Guy Kawasaki's 'The Art of Social Media': It is the best primer to get kicking on social media. Somehow, I never came around to reading any of Guy Kawasaki's previous books. For the uninitiated (if there are any), Guy is a leading authority on social media, a pioneer of blogging … Continue reading Book Review | The Art of Social Media