The Fall of the House of FIFA

Book review of David Conn's 'The Fall of the House of FIFA'. A damning account of the culture of corruption at FIFA.


Crossing the Line

"It's not that I want to win; it's that I need to win." - Luis Suárez Let me admit that I am not a huge fan of autobiographies. I believe a good chunk of this literary genre brims with narrative fallacies. More often, it serves the sole purpose of heightening the author's sense of self-aggrandizement. … Continue reading Crossing the Line


Soccernomics is my third and the last sports book of 2014. A light yet insightful read, Soccernomics throws up several revelations and mythbusters - some beautiful, some shocking and some unpalatable - for the lovers of the beautiful game. Written by Simon Kuper, a journalist and Stefan Szymanski, a trained sports economist, the book pits … Continue reading Soccernomics

Richer than God:Manchester City, Modern football & Growing up

I have not read many books on football, but after reading David Conn's 'Richer than God: Manchester City, Modern Football and Growing up', I feel that I may have read the best one already. The title of the book tersely encapsulates its wider contours: the ethereal, starry-eyed world of a young football fan, the moments … Continue reading Richer than God:Manchester City, Modern football & Growing up