The Fall of the House of FIFA

Book review of David Conn's 'The Fall of the House of FIFA'. A damning account of the culture of corruption at FIFA.



The road to success is never easy. Champions invest thousands of hours of hard work and see off numerous failures to cultivate a winning attitude. However, without integrity and discipline as two cornerstones, a champion's stay on the top could be short-lived. Over the years, we have been witness to numerous stories of heroes falling … Continue reading Wheelmen

Crossing the Line

"It's not that I want to win; it's that I need to win." - Luis Suárez Let me admit that I am not a huge fan of autobiographies. I believe a good chunk of this literary genre brims with narrative fallacies. More often, it serves the sole purpose of heightening the author's sense of self-aggrandizement. … Continue reading Crossing the Line


Soccernomics is my third and the last sports book of 2014. A light yet insightful read, Soccernomics throws up several revelations and mythbusters - some beautiful, some shocking and some unpalatable - for the lovers of the beautiful game. Written by Simon Kuper, a journalist and Stefan Szymanski, a trained sports economist, the book pits … Continue reading Soccernomics

Richer than God:Manchester City, Modern football & Growing up

I have not read many books on football, but after reading David Conn's 'Richer than God: Manchester City, Modern Football and Growing up', I feel that I may have read the best one already. The title of the book tersely encapsulates its wider contours: the ethereal, starry-eyed world of a young football fan, the moments … Continue reading Richer than God:Manchester City, Modern football & Growing up

The Business of Cricket

It all starts from the performance on the field, without it nothing else matters. Charisma, rivalries and media reach expand the sports market. Famous Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once termed cricket as a game played by 22 flannelled fools and watched by 22000. The great dramatist's banter sounds nothing more than an asynchronous, witty … Continue reading The Business of Cricket