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This Author’s feedback on my review of his book stunned me

OK, I am going to brag a little here. So please bear with me, it’s a short post.

When I published my book review of ‘The Science of Selling‘ a couple of days ago, I was unsatisfied.

After I had pressed the ‘Publish’ button, I thought I had rushed through the review and perhaps, not given the right perspective to my readers. Those nervy afterthoughts, all book bloggers get, you know.

I could have taken more time I thought. But then I just wanted to get it out of the door as I haven’t been posting as much as planned.

So I innocuously tag the author of the book – David Hoffeld – in my promotional tweet. David Hoffeld is the CEO of Hoffeld Group, a prominent sales training organization and now a bestselling author.

Lo and behold, he not only retweets my tweet but also applauds my review for being one of the most accurate to date. The book was published two years ago.

That’s some hefty motivation to carry on!

Let’s face it. We all, at times, feel unsure about the direction of our efforts.

The doubts whether we are doing the right thing eclipse us and throw us off kilter.

And, during those perplexing times, if motivation comes from unexpected corners, it just buoys you up.

I learned an important lesson that you should not hold yourself back from reaching out to people who you assume won’t bother.

Especially for a book blogger, there is no greater appreciation than the author whose work you are critiquing showering praise upon it. You never know that author might also be seeking more positive endorsements and word of mouth of his own.

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  1. Congrats! I can almost imagine what it must feel like! A retweet is one, but a compliment from the author itself is another level!!! (and we book bloggers often doubt, but we must strive nonetheless..)…. This is kinda inspirational….😁

    1. You are spot on. It was awe-inspiring. Such things can spur you on to achieve more in the moments of self-doubt

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