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Work to live or live to work?

As Millenials, sometimes we feel like we are in a constant rush like if we aren’t successful by thirty we have failed life. That’s how much pressure this society has put on everyone.

And I mean everyone because baby boomers feel that too. Yes, they are adults already, but that same feeling of constantly working and feeling like a failure if you stop for even a second, we all feel that too.

Let’s face it: That sucks. Yes, we want to be successful, but what about living? What about that little thing that goes by while we work? Yes, I know, it’s cheesy, but it is true.

Start to work to live

A recent Gallup Study says, “Over 85% full-time employees are actively disengaged at work.”

I’m not about to tell you to drop your work and go on a backpacking adventure around the world, but hey, you have to live your life! We can’t work 24/7 as if someday we are going to enjoy everything… When we are supposed to do that right now!

work to live or live to workIt’s about damn time you find the balance in your life. No, you can’t live to work every day of your life, feeling stressed out and pressure no matter what, but you can’t live properly without working, so what do you do?

Well, it might sound cliché, but you find balance.

It doesn’t matter what kind of work you have, if you are a freelancer and work from home, if you work a 5-9 shift, or if you have two part-time jobs, there’s always, always, a way to find balance.

So, how do you find balance?

Finding the right balance between our work and enjoying life can be quite tricky, but certainly not impossible! All you need is a little push to find that inspiration once more, and once you do, you’ll love life a lot more, trust me.

Now, don’t get your knickers in a twist because you aren’t “peaking” or “living your best life” like everyone seems to do on Instagram…You’ll get there! You’ll be fine! You just need to keep on going.

So, here are a few tricks to find that balance we’ve been talking about:

  1. Live YOUR best life

    You can’t possibly compare yourself to everyone else that seems to be popping on social media, you need to live your version of your best life. You got that ice cream you like? Great! You went to the movies today? Awesome!

    You know what I mean? Enjoy the time and the things you do for you and don’t try to compare it. Take every opportunity you can to enjoy yourself and appreciate for what it is, just that.

  2. Remember to relax

    Like I said, sometimes it feels like we’re in a race to get to the final line… Forget that mentality! You aren’t in some race, and relaxing every once in a while is totally fine, and you probably deserve it.

    “Relaxing” doesn’t necessarily mean taking expensive vacations, it means slowing down when you get home from work, it means taking time to do something you like before or after going to work… It’s about the little things.

  3. Spending money is okay! You earn it.

    Sometimes we have this guilt about spending money we’ve worked so hard to earn and trust me, it’s normal, but you need to stop. Spending money on something fun, like going out with your family, it’s totally fine.

    If you know how to handle your finances, don’t be afraid of spending some money on fun things! Go out, take a little vacation, buy that expensive jacket you like! You need to enjoy the money YOU have earned, it’s okay!

Remember work isn’t everything

Some people are lucky enough that they can say they truly love their work, and that they don’t even feel like working because they are doing something they actually love.

And hey! good for them, right? But if you aren’t one of those people, don’t feel bad.

The important thing is to remember your work isn’t everything, you WILL get that dream job one day, but in the meanwhile, why don’t you find something you enjoy?

work to live or live to workYou won’t believe how amazing is to find something you love, you know, like a hobby. Whether it’s a sport, painting, skating, or playing video games, find something you love, and learn to enjoy it!

Remember you can do both things: Working AND having a life. It’s all about finding that balance, right? So find things you love, don’t be afraid to enjoy your life and you’ll see how working becomes sooo much easier all of the sudden.

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