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The Power of Self-Belief: How To Fight Your Own Battles

Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” These powerful words capture the essence of self-belief—the unwavering conviction in our abilities to overcome challenges and achieve our goals.

In a world that often tests our resilience, I have come to understand the importance of self-belief.

In this blog post, I will share a few words about the transformative power of self-belief and how it empowers you to fight your battles on your own and emerge victorious.

Fighting your own battles

Growing up, my father’s favorite go-to line, whenever I made a mistake or found myself in a sticky situation, was: “Own your choices, and you’ll learn to navigate life.”

Fighting your own battles

When I got into my late teens and life started to throw more complex problems at me, my father shifted his guidance to stress the importance of fighting my own battles.

He would often tell me,  “Don’t wait for others to help you out. People talk a good game but do little to help others. Fight your own battles instead.  Preoccupied with the excitement of growing up, I didn’t pay much attention to his words.

Fast forward to my early 40s, I frequently find myself nodding in agreement as I reflect on his words of wisdom.

Yes, we are social beings and yes, we do depend on others for help and assistance. But relying on others for validation or support can only take us so far. True empowerment comes from within.

Learning to fight your own battles is a superpower. If not an actual superpower, it instills in you a sense of inner strength that you have what it takes to face life head-on.

Identifying Your Battles

Let me tell you a short story. Once upon a time, in a land not too far away, a young warrior set out on a quest to discover the secret of self-belief.

The wise elders of the village told the warrior that the journey would not be an easy one. But it would lead to a path of growth and self-discovery.

The first step, the elders advised the young warrior, was to sit under the ancient oak tree at the edge of the village and reflect upon the personal challenges. “Be honest with yourself,” they said, “and make a list of the areas where you need improvement, growth, or change.

The warrior did as instructed. He sat beneath the sprawling branches of the oak tree. He reflected on the past and identified the challenges that lay ahead.

The next step was to distinguish between the battles worth fighting and those best left alone. The elders said,

Some battles may be beyond your control, while others may not align with your long-term goals and values. Concentrate on those battles that resonate with your priorities – the ones that will contribute to your overall growth and well-being.

With newfound wisdom, the warrior set out to tackle the chosen battles, paving the way for a life of resilience.

Three Inspiring Tales of Self-Belief and Resilience

As you journey through the process of cultivating self-belief, it’s important to remember that you are not alone in your struggles. In fact, the struggles you find overwhelming right now may pale in comparison to what others have endured and triumphed in.

By learning from their stories, you can draw inspiration, understanding that if they could triumph over adversity, so can you.

Allow me to introduce you to three remarkable people whose tales of resilience will inspire you to fight your own battles and emerge stronger on the other side:

1. Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic entered this world without fully-formed arms and legs. Imagine being dealt such a cruel hand by fate. It sends shivers down my spine! Think about the anguish, the challenges, and the bullies he must have had to face during his school years.

Fighting your own battels - Nick Vujicic

Had Nick not generated his inner power, he could have succumbed to a life of self-pity. I don’t discount the support of family and friends, it matters.

But trust me, to overcome something as daunting as Nick’s situation, takes way more than inspirational words. This outcome was possible because Nick chose to face adversity head-on.

Today, he stands as a renowned motivational speaker and bestselling author. He has touched innumerable lives with his powerful message of transforming adversity into opportunity.

2. Wilma Rudolph

Like Nick Vujicic, Wilma Rudolph also endured also insurmountable adversities early on in her life. By the age of 5, she had contracted pneumonia, scarlet fever, and polio. The latter was so severe that it disabled her left leg and foot.

Doctors told her mother that Wilma would never be able to walk again, let alone sprint.

But unwavering in her resolve, Wilma not only battled her disability but also beat it to become a successful sprinter. A three-time Olympic gold medalist, she was at one time the fastest woman in the world.

3. Jean-Dominique Bauby

Bauby was the editor-in-chief of the French fashion magazine Elle when he suffered a stroke that left him with “locked-in syndrome“. The neurological condition made him paralyzed head-to-toe except for his left eye.

The Diving Bell and The Butterfly

He wrote a book called “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” using a method called the Silent alphabet. It involved blinking his left eye to select letters on an alphabet board, one letter at a time.

It took him a whopping 200,000 blinks to finish the whole thing! Sadly, he passed away shortly after the book was published, never knowing that it would become a huge international bestseller.

Jean-Dominique Bauby’s unyielding spirit in the face of a dreadful condition epitomizes the indomitable power of the human soul. If anything, his life shows our natural ability to face and win our own battles.

Finally, the power of self-belief is a vital force that helps us tackle life’s challenges. By developing self-belief, we become better prepared to fight our battles and achieve victory.

The motivating stories of people like Nick Vujicic, Wilma Rudolph, and Jean-Dominique Bauby serve as reminders that even when faced with difficulties, we can overcome our personal obstacles and accomplish amazing things.

As we encounter the inevitable highs and lows of life, let’s not forget that our self-belief is a powerful tool in our kit. Let it lead us through tough times, enabling us to come out stronger, more resilient, and prepared to face any battles that come our way. Always remember, it seems impossible until it’s done.

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