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Happy World Book Day

Just wanted to pop a quick, short post and wish everyone a happy World Book Day.

I know these are crazy times to be alive. But these are also the times when you can spend more time with your loved ones, reorganize your life priorities and of course, read more than usual.

It’s only befitting to the occassion if I share a few of my best quotes about books here. There are three of them. These quotes from the French novelist Jean-Claude Carriere have always resonated with me. Most bookworms would identify themselves with these quotes:

“I often walk into one of the rooms where I keep my books simply to look at them, without touching a single one. It feeds me in a way I cannot explain.”

Jean-Claude Carriere

“A great book is always alive; it grows and ages alongside us, without ever dying.”

Jean-Claude Carriere

“My favourite thing in a library is juxtaposition: different books clashing with and contradicting each other.”

Jean-Claude Carriere

Until next time, happy reading. I am sure we will all emerge stronger on the other side.

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