The Game-Changer

My initial impression about 'The Game-Changer' was that of a corporate serenade by a top honcho to his employer. The first few chapters almost validated my hunch. The rest of the book dispelled my doubts nevertheless. Yes, A.G. Lafley, then CEO - P&G, is a co-author along with the formidable corporate consultant Dr. Ram Charan, … Continue reading The Game-Changer

What the Customer wants you to know

If you are just out of a Business school, the odds are high that you would be aware of the difference between 'Transactional selling' and 'Strategic selling'. The former is a traditional sales approach wherein the salesperson approaches a prospect, presents a demo of the product, extols its virtues, negotiates, gets the contract signed and … Continue reading What the Customer wants you to know

Confronting Reality

Over the years, thousands of books have been written about Strategy and its offshoots. Strategy, in a way, has become the holy grail of business literature. Interestingly, while Strategy is an important subject, more than half the literature dedicated to it is repetitive at best and pedestrian at worst. Of the few admirable authors that … Continue reading Confronting Reality