Book Review | The Rise and Fall of Nations

The Rise and Fall of Nations book review

Book review of Ruchir Sharma's 'The Rise and Fall of Nations'. In his latest book 'The Rise and Fall of Nations', he shares his acumen and experiences with the readers to tell the good economic prospects from the ugly ducklings of the world.

Book Review | Winning in Emerging Markets

How much importance Emerging Markets wield in the global economic landscape today is beyond debate. The financial crisis of 2008-09 and the havoc it wreaked on the world turned out to be a test of endurance and credibility for the Emerging Markets. With the decades-old revered financial institutions failing and the US economy floundering, emerging … Continue reading Book Review | Winning in Emerging Markets

The World is Flat

I believe the hallmark of any good book, especially, the one having to do with a subject as diverse as Globalization, is the kind of research that goes into it (one way of finding that out is to browse the book backwards) and the ability of author to de-jargonize the content to let even a … Continue reading The World is Flat