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The F**d up Meme Culture in the Times of War

This is a random post, unrelated to the content I usually publish. It’s just a rant post about what I have observed over the last 2-3 days on the social media.

I have no doubt that the ongoing Russia invasion of Ukraine will have far-reaching consequences for the world and it could reshape the geopolitical landscape for good. Since I am no military strategist, I won’t go further on how it could go for either party.

What I do want to highlight here is the despicable behavior of some netizens toward the misery of other fellow humans.

I have perused 1000s of tweets, posts and YouTube comments over the last two days and I can’t even begin to imagine how some people have the gall to make obnoxious, heartless memes about chaos and destruction.

I mean it’s one thing to have a political opinion and voice it out on social media. It’s totally another when you use memes to glorify war and even, go to the extent of entertaining thoughts of a nuclear war. As millions of Ukrainians stare at the possibility of a very dark future, there are people on social media who think war is a fun endeavor.

It beats me how people armed with the sophisticated technology in their pockets can behave like blithering halfwits. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Live Chat, are easily the worst corners to be on the Internet – vitiated by the Call of Duty crowd and keyboard warmongers.

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