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The Most Epic Bookshops in Jorge Carrión’s Bookshops

Jorge Carrión’s ‘Bookshops‘ is a book to be savored. It’s a sumptuous treat for bibliophiles as they get to know and learn about the backgrounds of so many epic bookshops from across the world.

It occured to me that I should write a post – actually a ready reckoner of sorts – where I list down all – big and small, legendary and not-so-legendary bookshops mentioned in Carrion’s book.

For those looking for iconic bookshops from across the world, this list could come in handy.

Mind you, this is not a definitive list.

Jorge Carrión ventured into these bookshops during his travels and chose to mention them in his book.

For me, it’s just an exercise that I undertook out of my respect toward the book and the author.

So without further fuss, here’s the list of the bookshops from Jorge Carrión’s marvelous book –

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List of the most epic bookshops from across the world

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