The Wisdom of Finance [Book Review]

The Wisdom of Finance - Book Review

Book review of Mihir Desai's 'The Wisdom of Finance'. In a long time, I have read a book about finance where the author talks about ‘great values’ in finance. Mihir Desai appears to be against the demonization of finance when the prevailing discourse out there is Wall Street Economy vs the real economy.

Bitcoin and Lessons in Greed

What is happening right now reminds me of the heady dot-com bubble days of 1997-2002 and maniacal times that preceded the 2008 meltdown. Both events ended in a bloodbath for investors, and so might the one we are in right now. The common theme throughout has been the investors' herd behaviour. 

Travel Enhances Productivity And Much More

Travel Enhances Productivity And Much More. Travel is a panacea to the infirmity borne out of daily grinds. Going to work every day and sitting at the same desk, and living each day as a repeat of the last, can be very disheartening and demotivating.

The 10 Edgiest Innovations of 2017

The 10 Edgiest Innovations of 2017

The 10 edgiest innovations of 2017. Innovators around the world are continually coming up with new ideas that challenge the conventional wisdom and have the potential to disrupt the status quo.

10 Writing Apps To Boost Productivity

Writing could be a boring and tedious task when you are devoid of ideas. It's a feeling akin to being stuck in a dark tunnel with no hint of light at either end. To counter these hurdles, I have selected 10 writing apps that could boost your productivity. I believe every writer must have these apps in order to thrive as they come up with new articles

Can Humans and Robots Coexist?


Can humans and robots coexist? A curt and emphatic answer is yes as long as the machines don't surpass human intelligence. In other words, AI evolution needs to be...