A Requiem for a Brand

Just as there are too many brands on the shelves, there are too many books on branding. Pradip Chanda's 'A Requiem for a Brand' comes through like a refreshing aura in this muddle. In a stark contrast to its title, Chanda's book is not an obituary to branding rather, it's a straightforward account of how … Continue reading A Requiem for a Brand


The Myth of the Rational Market

When the US subprime mortgage market took the nosedive in 2008, its ripples were felt across the world. The resulting cascading effect decimated one financial domino after another. Some institutions were rescued while others were left to go under. Often, it is in the catastrophic times like these that the long-standing, cherished doctrines are blown … Continue reading The Myth of the Rational Market

Judgment: How winning leaders make great calls?

When you have two of the best authorities on leadership joining forces to write a book, the result can only be phenomenal. Both Warren Bennis ( On becoming a leader: A Leadership Classic) and Noel Tichy (The Leadership Engine ) have dedicated their long, illustrious careers to teaching and explaining leadership. 'Judgment' is their first … Continue reading Judgment: How winning leaders make great calls?

Billion Dollar Lessons

Book review of Billion Dollar Lessons. A book by Paul B. Carroll and Chunka Mui. In a stark contrast to a chunk of strategy books, ''Billion Dollar Lessons'  has no highfalutin', incomprehensible strategy mumbo-jumbo.

Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain!

My first Dilbert book was 'The Dilbert Principle' which I had read some four years ago. And I still vividly recall how uncomplicatedly I could draw parallels between my own professional life at that point and the stuff mentioned in the book. I was very much aware that a lot of things mentioned in 'The … Continue reading Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain!


The financial crisis of 2007-08 left many individuals and institutions scarred for life. What began as a seemingly curable flu slowly transformed into a pandemic that devoured many a prestigious, long-standing financial institutions across the world. Casualties were several - from inconsequential entities to world-cup competitive ones. When Lehman brothers went down on 12th September … Continue reading Madoff