The Ant and the Elephant

There aren’t many authors in the world of motivational literature who aspire to be different. I know this sounds quite counterintuitive since every author unflinchingly positions himself and his book as a breed apart. With fancy titles and high-falutin’ tag-lines, a majority of these books promises to bestow upon the readers some kind of seraphic … Continue reading The Ant and the Elephant

How to lie with Statistics?

Book review of 'How to lie with Statistics', a book by Darrell Huff. H.G. Wells once remarked, "Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write." Wells' observation was rooted in the significance and the consequent prevalence that Statistics and its offshoots had started to gain in the early nineteenth century.

The Richest Man in Babylon

Book review of George Clason's 'The Richest Man in Babylon'. While honest in its intentions, 'The Richest Man in Babylon' fails to mesmerize. The biggest problem with this nine-decade-old book is that over the time, it has failed to stay contemporaneous.

Seeds of Terror

Not many know that Afghanistan, apart from being the hub of terrorism, has also been the epicenter of the opium trade. For starters, Afghanistan is a landlocked country with the sorry tag of being one of the poorest in the world. According to an Oxfam study, over 40% of Afghans live in extreme poverty conditions … Continue reading Seeds of Terror

The Game-Changer

My initial impression about 'The Game-Changer' was that of a corporate serenade by a top honcho to his employer. The first few chapters almost validated my hunch. The rest of the book dispelled my doubts nevertheless. Yes, A.G. Lafley, then CEO - P&G, is a co-author along with the formidable corporate consultant Dr. Ram Charan, … Continue reading The Game-Changer

Breakout Nations

In the last one decade, many authors have highlighted the predicaments of emerging economies, but none so successfully as Ruchir Sharma has. Head of Investments in Emerging Markets for Morgan Stanley, Ruchir Sharma is an established name, courtesy his incisive op-Ed articles in The Economic Times. "Breakout Nations" is his travelogue interspersed with the cold … Continue reading Breakout Nations