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Friday 24 March 2017 10:01:35 PM

After Ryan Blair's excellent book 'Rock Bottom to Rock Star', I picked up a book from a similar author. Like Ryan Blair, Daymond John, the now famous people shark from the hit show 'Shark Tank', also rose to prominence from nowhere. From selling t-shirts from the back of his run-down van, Daymond John runs a $6 billion business in addition to being one of the most sought after branding experts around. In 'The Power of Broke', Daymond talks about how being broke can be your biggest strength. Apparently, when you have your back against the wall, your response is more creative and more ingenious... Full review soon

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Rock Bottom to Rock Star

How's 'Rock Bottom to Rock Star' different from heaps of startup literature out there in the market?First, it is not a how-to book on entrepreneurship, it goes well beyond that. Second, Ryan Blair is not your garden variety author. From being a gang member to running a million-dollar business, Ryan Blair has a major turn-around story to tell. A story that is both motivating and awe-inspiring. Add to that his blunt, no-nonsense candor, and you have on your hands a book that leaves with you a lingering sense of inspiration.... Read the full review



Sharapova is the latest addition to the Hall of Shame, but, she won't be the last

 What drives top sports stars, celebrities and others of their ilk over the edge of morality? Why do they go astray even when an army of fans puts them on a pedestal and treats them like demigods? Is it the frantic weight of expectations and an ever lurking fear of losing the top-dog status? Is it pure greed for money, power and fame? Or is it plain stupidity veiled in the garb of hubris? Frankly, I don't know, but the latter doesn't sound all that illogical...Continue reading

 My 2017 Book List

At the start of a new year, I sit down and decide the kind of books I am going to read in that year. Admittedly, my decision on which book to read next is never random and is mostly based on the genre or the subject that has held my imagination of late or the one which I think contributes to my future development. For instance, last year, I read an eclectic mix ranging from behavioral psychology, marketing and personal finance to mathematics and philosophy. In 2016, however, I've decided to read up more on the sports / survival genre along with history, philosophy and science; pure management and business literature is something I might not look at this year....Continue reading