Books are the pinnacle of our civilization and I take great pride in my attachment with this invaluable asset. My obsession with books, particularly business literature, goes back to 2004. Like any red-blooded management graduate, I had this strong penchant towards sifting significant bits of information from pounds of  literature. As somebody who read to remember, I developed this this tendency to pen down those special bits of information or pearls of wisdom in a scrapbook/A4 sheets for my future reference. This incessant practice gradually resulted in maintenance of stacks of notes, printouts and notebooks, often leaving me clueless and making the access to the right material all the more difficult. All too often, I ended up misplacing those notebooks/papers. This mismanagement spurred me to start this site as a vent to share my thoughts with the world.


The Archives section on my site is a repertoire of all my book reviews, please feel free to browse: