About BookJelly

Welcome to BookJellyTM ! It's said that everyone, at some point in their lives, faces a defining moment. However, only a few leverage the moment and turn it into a guidepost towards the future betterment whereas a majority fail to capture the moment even if they acknowledge its significance looking back. My defining moment happened in 2008 years ago while perusing the pages of 'Big Brands Big Trouble' - a book by positioning guru Jack Trout. Trout mentions in a paragraph  how some mammoth corporations lose their focus and consequently, their market leadership to small yet focused competitors. He encompasses the whole idea in one line - "It's better to be exceptional somewhere than be average everywhere." The moment I read it, I felt a lightning bolt strike me. The statement had a different context, yet I could not decline its importance for ordinary mortals like me. If you fail to establish yourself in any one of your inherently stronger domains, you would wither away in the sea of sameness. The same statement has also been well captured by Gary Hamel - another prolific author who writes on strategy- he calls it 'Core Competence'. Crux remains the same, however. Work on your strengths. Even if you don't have an expertise as of now, find one and work on it relentlessly. "Turn your passion into an empire!",  says Tom Peters. And here I am, in my endeavor to build something around my passion: reading management literature.


While we can't ignore the learning and wisdom we acquire through hands-on, practical experiences in life, it's hard not to acknowledge the role books play in our lives. Good books can shape up our thinking and give a new direction to our thoughts. There should be no disagreement on the fact that original thinkers and geniuses are a rare breed. However, the fact also is that most people either pick up what others had started or they simply challenge or destroy the works of others before them. Like they say, true learning happens when you disassociate an idea from its source and make it your own. Not all business literature is path-breaking or brims with great ideas yet even a couple of ideas gleaned from a business book could justify the money spent. BookJelly endeavors to provide its patrons with every possible piece of information on business/management books. BookJelly is unique from other bibliographic websites in that it is global in scope, has an independent, unique voice, is easy to navigate, has no membership fees, and appeals to a niche segment with a wide range of skill levels. Since my day job already provides me with an adequate living, my goal isn't to use this website to make myself rich; my hope, instead, is that you might be able to use it to increase your knowledge and clear your doubts.